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Notting Hill Film Festival

Andy Isaac

Creative - Filmmaker

Best known for finding versatile and easily adapted solutions, creating awareness for so many in the Arts. Andy is known for helping writers find directors find camera crew, finance and has produced many productions. After starting the Film Exchange Andy went on to create the Notting Hill Film Festival that champions emerging talent based in the UK to the global market. 

Now in 2014 Andy is producing more of his own work and has written fifteen short films to be filmed and presented. They will show off the talents of twelve different Directors of Photography and form a unique film festival under the Notting Hill Film Festival banner to tour around the globe this year. He has three feature scripts and even one script he is lovingly writing and producing with his twin daughters aged 14. (OK girls 14 and a half.) This script he will pitch at Cannes this year in May with the girls, and looks forward to seeing the girls designs and scripts worked on, together finding a market.

Not just busy with film, Andy has produced a new social media website for live music (Notting Hill Sounds) helping many new bands. NHS is a global site, where artists can fuse with sponsors to create music videos that sell product and make money for the artists. Forming his own band to show how this works, later this year Andy will launch his own singles into the unsuspecting charts under the guise of the Notting Hill Sound Machine. This new exciting platform is a venture that many will benefit from and as always the new music show we look to launch in September will benefit charities and unsung heroes.

The Notting Hill Talent agency is a new venture linking talent to productions, and highlighting the careers and talents of all involved. The agency does not contractually bind an artist, but is created to be a platform for their work.

Andy is happiest when meeting new people, finding out what they need and love, and creating work that is fun and produces results for them. Charity Struts is his latest venture bringing fashion and charity together, a creation and platform utilising his skills in Event management with creativity.


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Just written another short script that is twelve and a half pages written from start to finish and will film end of summer as part of serie…
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Became founder member of Lights of Soho, what a great place to sit and write in Soho with creative bods
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Sadly, found a young man in his late twenties in his flat yesterday that had died alone three days ago. It was awful and such a tragic loss…
Wed 29th Apr 2015 13:44:48


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