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Notting Hill Film Festival



Monday 21st of April 2014 11:08:36 AM

With a fresh outlook and approach the festival is coming back with more focus and maintaining the element of fun that has always been associated with the Notting Hill Film Festival. The emphasis will remain a British Festival and support films made in the UK by British Based Filmmakers. We will have the same fun Q&A sessions, some industry chats and great films programmed and making sure that the festival as always is inclusive of all.

This coming festival will include the Cinematography Festival that has been devised by Festival Director Andy Isaac and is the first of many series of films that will concentrate on departments of filmmaking with the DoP being the first. The next department highlighted will be one Andy champions most, scriptwriting ~ 'The Script is King' is always Andy's belief.

There is a new film school attached to the festival so those that want to have hands on approach to filmmaking finally can get out of the classroom and learn exactly what filmmaking is all about working with top professional in every department.

This is going to be a very special festival and starts a new era in people gathering to watch and celebrate films as well as be involved and progress to making films themselves.

News of screenings and the festival to follow soon on this our new website.