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Notting Hill Film Festival

Film School

We have been thinking about this for a long time now and feel that we should organise a film school where film students get to actually work on proper sets and alongside major crews in order to gain real hands on experience. Too often we see films sent that are poorly made that have been made by students during last months of their film school or on a two month course (some on a one month course and after little instruction set off with a camera no lights and told to produce a ten minute film; often with just a roll of 16mm film). I thought the best way to learn is to be alongside as part of a film crew and actually be able to see first hand how filmmaking rally works.

Many of the students may wish to make their films afterwards and we are only too happy to help or give honest constructive criticism as to why we feel more work needs to be done before shooting. Our latest film school has internships where you get two months working on twelve different shorts, all with different crews and different stories that you gain a greater knowledge and understanding from standing next to the DoP and ask afterwards why he choose certain shots etc.

You are taken on as Associate Producers and have the oppertunity to work in different departments and see where your true passion lies, whether it is Lighting to Sound or Camera to Directing, this unique film school is for the industrious hard working that want to work in film.


Just written another short script that is twelve and a half pages written from start to finish and will film end of summer as part of serie…
Sat 25th Jul 2015 20:20:59
Became founder member of Lights of Soho, what a great place to sit and write in Soho with creative bods
Wed 3rd Jun 2015 08:58:22
Sadly, found a young man in his late twenties in his flat yesterday that had died alone three days ago. It was awful and such a tragic loss…
Wed 29th Apr 2015 13:44:48


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