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Notting Hill Film Festival

Cinematography Festival

Thursday 11th of September 2014 12:00:00 AM

In a new move for the Notting Hill Film Festival we are presenting a festival of short films celebrating cinematography. We will present twelve short films to an elite selection of Judges and have screenings open to the public as part of our next Film Festival here on London's Southbank.

Each Director of Photography will have the same kit and amount of time as every other cinematographer. Each one will have the same director to work with and all films will be edited under the eye of the same editor. When shooting the films the Director will work with the actors and it is the DoP that will decide on the shot and look of their film.

The next exciting news is that this will also be the basis for the first ever film school internships by Notting Hill Film Festival where the interns actually work on professional sets alongside seasoned professionals and learn more in the two months with us than most of the film courses popping up around the capital.

To become involved in this project or the festival please contact us here.

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