About us

Notting Hill Film Festival came about by founder, Andy Isaac, looking to help emerging talent in film and the arts provide a platform that are working in the UK. most film festivals strive to be International festivals chasing the cinema that comes from countries afar and Andy decided he wanted to continue his support for British Based Filmmakers.

In 2003 saw the first festival and has been presented not just in the UK, but overseas too. 

Now with the attachment of unique film school the festival has opportunity to support even more as well as present greater selection of new work.

Help us make a difference in our film community. You will not only be supporting new talent, but also, local production houses, crews and artists in all departments. With support we can present and offer a festival truly inclusive of all those wanting to present high end local based productions and kickstart many new careers.


Just written another short script that is twelve and a half pages written from start to finish and will film end of summer as part of serie…
Sat 25th Jul 2015 20:20:59
Became founder member of Lights of Soho, what a great place to sit and write in Soho with creative bods
Wed 3rd Jun 2015 08:58:22
Sadly, found a young man in his late twenties in his flat yesterday that had died alone three days ago. It was awful and such a tragic loss…
Wed 29th Apr 2015 13:44:48


Wed 23rd Apr 2014 21:03:37
Mon 21st Apr 2014 11:08:36